European Food Store in Santa RosaEuropean Food Store in Santa Rosa

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Welcome to our first and only European Food Store in Santa Rosa.

We offer a large assortment of Eastern European foods and products, including Polish, Bulgarian, Hungarian, Italian, German, Russian and Ukrainian. You'll find fresh black & red Russian caviar, German and Italian salami, European sausages and meats, various dumplings with beef, veal, chicken, potato, cabbage, cherry and other. Choice selection of mackerel, herring, anchovies, butterfish, etc. Worldwide of assortment of coffees, black and herbal teas. Indulge in candies, cookies and chocolate and much more.

So if you're tired of the usual chain Supermarkets, come visit our store and see what you've been missing!

We offer

German foods German rye bread, spaetzle, Dr.Oetker-baking products, traditional Barell pickled, sauerkraut
Russian foods Famous Russian caviar & blitzes, piroshki, vareniki, dumplings, pelmeni and pirogues

Catering Services

Would you like to have a party to your home or at some pleasant place outdoors? We will offer you catering with our love and inspiration, letting you enjoy carefree and restful time.